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Mosquito Control Innovation

Discovery of Malaysian Mosquito Attractant (MMA)

The discovery of a type of plant-based chemical compounds more than five years ago proved to be a historic moment when these compounds were scientifically proven to function as pheromones that can attract mosquitoes.

The MMA formulation was created entirely by Malaysians. From the moment it was discovered, many ideas and attempts were made to include it in different consumer products for mosquito control.

SPOKOJAN™ Mosquito Coil

Mosquito coils are a popular choice to repel mosquitoes. They are simple, inexpensive, and are already well integrated in the daily lives of Malaysians. They are made of natural recycled products such as sawdust and coconut shells that are environmentally friendly in comparison to other mosquito control products.

In realizing a useful and efficient method to control mosquitoes, the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Center (TIDREC), University of Malaya and Semio Technology Co., Ltd - a company issued under the University of Malaya, have collaborated to produce an innovative new product using an “old” method by incorporating MMA as a mosquito attractant in common mosquito coils. The product SPOKOJAN™ has already been commercialized and two patents have been obtained to ensure product disclosure and ownership.

SPOKOJAN™ Use In Outdoor Environment

As SPOKOJAN™ was intended to attract and kill mosquitoes, the product has to be used outdoor to ensure that mosquitoes are lured out of the house. Its use in an outdoor environment eliminates issues and common concerns regarding the danger of fire when burning mosquito coils in the house or the tendency to inhale the unpleasant smell of smoke produced by lighted coils.

To suit its purpose as an outdoor device, SPOKOJAN™ came together with innovative products consisting of a covered vase and a coil holder that will protect burnt coils from rain and the MMA containing smoke from strong winds. The covered vase also comes in various attractive designs that made them suitable additions to your gardens.

Involvement of Traditional Labu Sayong Industry

Clay pottery making in Sayong, Perak is a unique traditional industry that has been in Malaysia for hundreds of years. The clay pots are solely handmade and each one of them is unique in its own way – attributed by the small imperfections that appeared during its making. SPOKOJAN™ utilizes Labu Sayong pots or vases because they are sturdy and heavy, making them ideal options for housing the coils without any disturbances from strong winds and rain water.

The decision to use Labu Sayong pottery for SPOKOJAN™ could help to boost and revive public interest in our traditional art heritage, and could also help to improve the local economy in Perak.

SPOKOJAN™ Community Engagement Program In The Orang Asli Village In Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

Through a funding program received from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, a community outreach program was held in the Orang Asli Dusun Kubur Village , Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan where every household was supplied with a 1 year supply of SPOKOJAN™ coils, the coil holder and pots for placing the lighted coils.

After one month of usage feedbacks received from the village residents were very encouraging. They noted that mosquito presence has been markedly reduced and they were able to carry out their daily outside activities more comfortably. The residents were also given the opportunity to earn a side income by making the SPOKOJAN™ coil holders.

Market Potential

SPOKOJAN™ is an innovative product that is simple and easy to use, requiring only the MMA compounds to ensure its effectiveness. SPOKOJAN™ has substantial potential to be marketed internationally, as mosquito coil production and manufacturing is a well-established process in many parts of the world. It s market potential and demand as a mosquito control device could reach out to all over the world especially in the tropical and sub-tropical regions where mosquitoes are in abundance.